How to Screen Capture on Nexus 7/9, Nexus 5/6 Phones Without Any Apps

Taking screen capture (screen shot) on Google Nexus devices is always very useful to capture the status of the screen. It could be an error/warning message or something important on the device screen that you like to capture and view it later. In this post I will be showing how to screen capture or screenshot the Nexus 9 and 7 tablets and Nexus 6 & 5 phones. Every device with Android OS have different key combinations to capture screen.  Earlier we have showed how to download the Google maps offline on these devices.

Nexus 7 & 9 are the great tablets for the price and Nexus 6 and 5 models are with powerful hardware and superior display quality for very reasonable price compared to other smartphones in the market. The latest Nexus 9 tablet could be the best tablet for business too. Since these devices are from Google, you will get the pure Android OS ( Currently Android 5.0 LolliPop) from Google whenever they releases the new Smartphone Operating System.  The main advantage of following screen capture method is;  you do not need to install any third party apps to capture and save the screenshots. The built-in key combination works fine on Nexus 9/7 tablets and Nexus 5/6 phones.

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To Do a Screen Capture on Nexus Tablets

Press and hold volume down and the power button at the same time for 2 to 3 seconds till your hear the sound or see the capturing animation. The captured screen image will be saved automatically in a folder inside image gallery.

Screen Capture on Nexus 7 and 2013 Models

How to Screen Capture Nexus 7 2013

On Nexus 9 HTC tablet with Android LolliPop 5.0

screen capture in Nexus 9

Once the screen was captured successfully, you can see the notification as below, though it was taken on Android KitKat, it is applicable for latest LolliPop versions also,

captured screen notification

You can view it and even share it directly from notification area.

captured screen

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And your all screen captured images from Google Nexus 7 or 9 tablet device would be available in following in ‘Screenshot’ folder in Image gallery.

screen capture location

How to Screen Capture on Google Nexus 5 and Nexus 6 Smartphones

If you like to capture the screen of Nexus 6 or 5 phone, follow these simple steps. Google Nexus 5 from LG  is a wonderful phone with stunning display quality, great finishing and latest Android OS version.  The recent Nexus 6 from Motorola over took it’s earlier version with upgraded hardware.  Basically its a straightforward method by pressing two buttons together. By using this method you can capture anything on the phone’s screen as an still image.

Simply press and hold power button and volume down keys together for few seconds. Make sure that you are pressing the correct keys at correct time, otherwise you will get the options of power or volume down buttons.

When you press the both buttons and hold for few seconds, you will hear a sound of capturing. It works fine on Nexus 5 KitKat 4.4 (.2) and Nexus 6 with LolliPop. If you are facing any issues in this method, I’m sure you are not pressing these both buttons correctly (very rare chance)

screen capture nexus 5


image credit

On Nexus 6 as described here,

Nexus 6 screen capture

You can view the screen captured images of Nexus 5/6 from the notification area as shown below.

captured screenshot

If you like to access these images from Windows PC or explore by file manager, it can be located under ‘Pictures’ and ‘Screenshots’. We are sure this method would be useful to capture screen in all recent Nexus 7/9 tablets and Nexus 5/6 smartphones without any third party apps.