Installing Viber On Yosemite, Activate and Use it

Viber is one of the famous instant messaging and voice calling app for Android, iOS and other types of smart phones. The best part is, unlike other messaging and calling apps, Viber supports installation on computers. That means, you can install Viber on Mac (including Yosemite) and PC (Windows 8.1, 7 etc).  Installing Viber on latest Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite is simple and straight forward. It is like another app installation on Mac with Apple hardware.

Since it can be installed natively, we do not need to use any Android emulators on Mac. You must have the latest Viber app DMG file  from official site for this purpose. Remember, only the latest Viber app supports Yosemite officially. If you have the older versions, then you need to modify some configuration settings to make it work. To make things easy and straight forward, it is recommended to use the latest Viber app.

Also, you must have the Viber installed and activated smart phone with you for this purpose. Theyr will be sending the activation code to particular smart phone which needs to be entered on to Mac computer during the activation process.

Installation Steps for Viber on Yosemite Mac

1) Go to official site and download the Viber for Mac.

2) Once you have double clicked the downloaded dmg file, the app installation wizard would open as below. Just drag and drop the Viber icon to Application folder. That’s it, we have successfully installed the Viber on Yosemite OS X 10.10.

Viber app on Mac

3) You will find the Viber app in Application folder on Mac OS X.

installed viber on Mac

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4) Open the app. Make sure you have working internet on your Mac computer which is required to communicate with server. Here you need to select the appropriate option.

do you have a mobile phone

5) As we said earlier, you must have Viber installed phone with you. Select the ‘Yes’.

Enter the phone number which is with you. It will automatically detects the country and country code.

enter the number to activate viber on Yosemite

6) The activation  code would be sent to your mobile phone Viber app (make sure you have working internet connectivity in the phone to receive this code). The message will specifically tell to enter the code on your Mac OS X.

activation code

There you go. Now you will have the working Viber app on Yosemite Mac OS X 10.10. Give some time to synchronize the contacts and groups from the server (if you already have them on your smart phone)

Since this app is officially supported, you will not be facing any issues most of the time.