How to Export Exchange Contacts to Gmail from Outlook 2010,2013

If you are an Android, especially KitKat user you may need to export global address list of exchange server or local Outlook contacts to Gmail account for synchronization. Recently when I started using Google Nexus 5 with Android KitKat 4.4.2, my Outlook contacts from corporate Exchange server did not synchronize. Later I found out that it was a bug in the Android release with Microsoft Exchange server and Google is working on it. I did not want to have a phone without my contacts which reside mainly in exchange server.  With a small temporary workaround by moving my Outlook 2013 Exchange server contacts to Gmail account which is connected to Nexus 5 phone, I solved the issue. Now I’m able to see the contacts on Nexus 5 and new contacts I create on Nexus 5 will be saved to Gmail account, not in exchange server. In this article I will show how to export Exchange contacts to Gmail by using Outlook 2013 or 2010.

Even with the latest updates for KitKat, like 4.4.3 or 4.4.4 did not solve the issue. I’m not sure how this issues has been resolved in Android LolliPop with Nexus 6. The existing drawback in synchronizing MS Exchange contacts with Nexus 5 phone could be due to SSL and certificate issues, anyhow here is the temporary workaround.

What You Need

1) MS Outlook 2013 or 2010

2) MS Excel – we need to do a clean up/edit before exporting to Gmail account

3) Of course internet connection with Gmail account.

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First Export the Contacts from Outlook

1) Open Outlook, File and click Options ( or select Open & Export)

get options

2) Under Advanced, select Export.

export option

3) Select Export to a file.

export to a file

‘Comma Separated Values’ (CSV) format on the next screen.

4) Select the Contacts folder you want to export from your Outlook profile. Remember all contacts on this folder will be exported.

select contacts to export

Next dialog box will be to set the destination (where to save) of the file.

You will have the option to modify and map custom fields in the next screen, but by default it all set well. You can skip this step.

Once you click Finish, it will export the Outlook contacts in CSV file format on the destination path you set.

I prefer to open CSV file in Excel and do few clean up such as format the phone numbers and remove unwanted fields.

Here are the few fields need modification before exporting to Gmail.

a) Format the numbers filed (mobile number, home, work numbers) as ‘number’, it can be done in format cells.

b) Remove unwanted and empty fields.

c) Check the E-mail Address, E-mail Type and E-mail Display Name fields, only one of these will have the proper email address so remove others. If you import the whole CSV file without modifying anything into Gmail then on Android phone contacts would look like a junk.

After modifying the CSV file, make sure you are saving it in CSV format again.

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How to Import Exchange Contacts as CSV to Gmail

5) Log in to Gmail account and select contacts.

gmail contacts

Choose import option and browse the CSV file you have just exported from Exchange Outlook and modified.

import option

Once the CSV file is imported correctly,you can view them in Gmail contacts. You can refer this gmail document for more information.

By this method you can move and export Exchange contacts to Gmail from Microsoft Outlook 2013 or 2010, so that will synchronize with Google Nexus 5 contacts.