WhatsApp Alternative Here, Google launched its new Google Allo Smart Messaging App

Earlier this year, Google announced at the I/O developer conference that it would be introducing two new apps for its Android platform. Google Allo, the new messaging app and Duo, a video chat app later this year. While Duo video chatting app was launched last month, today is the launch day for Allo, Google’s latest smart messaging app and it has something that no other messaging app can do.smartreplyCurrently, there are a lot of feature rich messaging apps available on both Android and iOS. We have WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger that can also be used as a default messaging app and the Apple iOS exclusive iMessage. All these messaging apps provide something some extra value to its users while messaging. Google tried to do the same when it launched Hangouts messaging app back in 2013 but it didn’t generate the required audience for its sustained usability. This is where Google’s new Allo app steps in.

Possible WhatsApp Alternative?


Smart Reply

Allo is a messaging app for Android only that provides something no other messaging app currently have and that is smart assistant. Google is using its own Google Assistant in the Allo messaging app that gives you suggestions based on what you are typing or talking about in chat. The “smart reply” feature suggests you chat texts that you can simply use in your chat conversation. The app also intelligently scans your texts and then provide you information related to what you are talking about.

source: engadget.com

SCREAM Or whisper via Google Allo

Another great feature of the Google Allo messaging app is that you can make a text appear larger than normal or make it smaller as to indicate if you are shouting or whispering by long pressing a key on the Android keyboard. Google is calling this feature as telling other person if you are “yelling” or “whispering. This is similar to the Like button on Facebook Messenger and Facebook Web where long pressing the Like button increases the size of it. Apple iMessage also has similar feature introduced in the app in the new iOS and is termed as “loud” and “gentle”.

There are a lot of other tiny features in Google Allo smart messaging app that makes it more interesting and exciting to use. You can download the Google Allo app from Google Play.