Famous iOS Photo Editing App Prisma Comes to Android

Photo editing app Prisma, which became a hit on iOS in the past few weeks, has finally made its way to Android. Previously, the app was only available to Android users via beta invite which the company offered to first few users of its Android version in order to test it out. But now, the ap is also available to all Android users.

prisma-app for android

There are a lot of photo editing app that you can use to put various effects on your photos and make them look artistic or somewhat cool. But what stands out in the Prisma app is the way how it intelligently processes every image to look like it was actually created by a person rather than an app. The app uploads your photo to a cloud server where the AI is applied to the photo and is then shown to the user for sharing and saving it.

The best thing about this is that this way, the AI can put artifacts on various details in the photo more efficiently and effectively. Like it can differentiate between a person from an object in the background (like a tree or a swing in the park) and renders it accordingly.


According to the company behind Prisma, video editing support will also be launched in a couple of weeks with the live video feature also in the pipeline. The company also said that in order to make the app more simple, it will remove the least used filters and styles from the app and will introduce new ones with the passage of time.

So Android users, what are you waiting for? Head over to the Prisma app on Google Play Store, download it and start sharing your prismed photos with your friends.

Prisma’s co-founder shared some of the stats about the app which are pretty overwhelming

  • It has been downloaded over 10 million times on iOS devices.
  • The daily active user base is currently over 1.5 million.
  • Maximum number of downloads per day hit 700k.
  • More than 400 million photos have been ‘prismed’ using the app.