Do you know these 10 WhatsApp Hacks and Tips – Must Know in 2016/2017

You can later access these messages from Settings->Starred Messages.

2. Transfer Files between your phone and PC/laptop

With WhatsApp web, one of the best WhatsApp hacks that you can easily transfer files between your phone and PC. Just open a chat with anyone and send them files. Once sent, open WhatsApp web and download them to your PC.

WhatsApp Hacks
WhatsApp Web file transfer

1. Disable Blue Read ticks

The blue ticks, or shall we say blue ticks of death, are there to show the other person that you have read their message but if you don’t reply them instantly or forgot to reply them, it can get you into a lot of trouble. Disabling this feature can be a good WhatsApp hack to apply to your chats. Go to Settings->Account->Privacy->Uncheck Read receipts.