Should I Change My Nexus 5 to Nexus 6? For What?

I’m a Google Nexus 5 user for more than 9 months, it is a fantastic phone with great display quality, performance and of course the less cost. I was eagerly waiting for the next Nexus model, which is 6 to buy in 2015. Now I’m confused and thinking should I buy and upgrade my Nexus 5 to Nexus 6?. The main advantage of Nexus devices is the best performance for low ‘cost’, but the new Nexus 6 price looks almost double of Nexus 5 phone.

Let me share my personal view and what I have found online if you are also in the same situation whether to change your Nexus 5 with Nexus 6. Without a doubt, Google Nexus 6 has jumped very far by the screen size,  hardware configuration and price too, but the question is, do I really need it?. That completely depends on our requirement,budget and comfort. Google Nexus 6 is not a smart phone, its a Phablet (which created with the features of Smartphone and a tablet), so we need to think about the usage of phablet.

Nexus 6 phone

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So the first question is,  Do I need a usual smart phone or a Phablet?

My View on Nexus 5

These are the reasons why I purchased this phone and why I still love it.

1) Worth money

The cost of the Nexus 5 was very cheap for the features I’m getting out of this phone. I never regretted that I paid this much money or the low performance of the phone. Its a great phone for the price.

2) Excellent hardware configuration.

Even though it has completed one year in the industry, but the hardware configuration is still good enough to compete with other latest models. The performance is still great, I can install and play any games on the phone. Multi tasking never become slow, opening and closing apps are still fast.  The 2.3 GHz Snapdragon 800 Quad-core with 2GB of RAM  is good enough to manage my smart phone activities.

3) Great display quality

Still Nexus 5 remains good in the quality of display compared to latest other models of phones.  The Full HD 5.0-inch 1920 x 1080p display screen never disappointed me and still it is enjoyable to looking at the screen.

4) Compact Size

While my friends were roaming around with Samsung Note 3 and asking me to buy that model, I hated that model because of the size. That looked really big on my hands. Also I’m the person who doesn’t want to carry the phone all the time on my hand, it should sit properly in my jeans or shirt pocket. Nexus 5 phone size is good and compact enough to meet my requirement.

nexus 5 vs nexus 6

Negative Points and the Reasons Why I’m thinking to Change My Nexus 5

1) Battery Life

It is really a negative factor on Nexus 5. Whatever Android version they have leased in 4.x series, I have not seen any improvements. Can’t blame them also because the powerful processor with 5 inch display and a reasonably small 2,300 mAh battery could be struggling to cope up with the power requirements. 8.00AM to 6.00PM with enabled WiFi with usual call talking will kill the battery by 6.30PM. If I talk more or used WiFi applications more than usual, then it will die even before 6.00PM or I need to charge it. Somehow, that needs to be fixed in my next Nexus phone.

2) Phone reception ( poor signal)

The important factor of any mobile phones, but I feel it is not up to the standard in Nexus 5.  When my wife talks with her Samsung phone next to me in my house,  I have to go and stand near the window to get good reception which is enough to talk without breaking,  that is weird. Also, frequently I have to put my phone into airplane mode and put it back to normal mode to get the signal strength to normal level.

See below, ( the place is having good signal strength on all other phones around me)

low signal in nexus 5

3) Camera quality

I’m not a phone photographer, but when I need, I should be able to take good quality photos. The updates Google has pushed to Nexus 5 has improved the picture quality well compared how it was earlier. But still I would be interested to get a good camera on next Nexus phone which should work well on less light with shaky hands.

4) It gets really hot, so quickly

The place where I live is already hot and the phone really struggles with it (may be). Whenever I forget that my Nexus 5 is in my shirt pocket, something will remind me that there is a Nexus 5 phone ,which is ‘hot’. Believe me, few times I thought it is going to explode.

Why I May Change My Nexus 5 to Nexus 6

1) Hoping and assuming that the larger 3,220 mAh battery and Android Lollipop up (though it will come for Nexus 5 too) will fix the battery issue this time.

Here is the claim about Nexus 6 battery,

    • 10 hours of 4G Surfing
    • 9.5 hours of WiFi Surfing
    • 24 hours talk time
    • 330 hours of standby

2) Motorola is in mobile phone market longer than LG, in fact I would say they are pioneers in telecommunications. Considering the fact, I’m sure the phone signal reception issue would have been fixed or improved in Nexus 6 which was made by Motorola while Nexus 5 from LG.

3) 13 Megapixel camera with OIS, 2 MP front camera (4k video capture) look awesome.  Definitely it would fix most of the issues faced in Nexus 5 camera.  Some people who reviewed the Nexus 6 phone already claimed as ‘ improved but not the best’.

Nexus 6 camera

4) Powerful Specs, though I’m not interested in 5.96-inch 2560 x 1440 Quad-HD Display much, but the 2.7 GHz Quad-Core Snapdragon 805 processor with 3GB of RAM tempting.  If the Nexus 5 still performs better with older hardware then how about Nexus 6 with latest Quad core processor and 3GB RAM?, that should fly.

5) Sound Quality and Quick charge

Motorola has put extra efforts in sound quality on this phone. Its having  dual front-facing speakers compared to Nexus 5’s bottom facing speaker which is very low and drawback in Nexus 5 device.

Quick charge concept is great (if it works as they claim), 15 min charge can hold the charge for 6 hours, that is really great. Even if Nexus 6 has the similar battery problem like Nexus 5, but I can charge it for 15 minutes to get 6 hours power back, that would be nice.

Why I’m still Worrying to Upgrade Nexus 5 to Nexus 6

Simple and straight forward reasons.

1) The price of the phone

2) The size of the phone

If you are a Nexus 5 user what’s your opinion and thoughts about upgrading Nexus 5 to Nexus 6?


  1. What a great post.
    Have you upgraded to the latest Android version?
    Is battery life better?
    Is camera quality better?

    Do you still see any benefit to migrating to Nexus 6?
    Or have you maybe upgraded to N6 already?