Best Battery Saver App for Android 2015, Download for KitKat, LolliPop

Few years ago, smartphones could last days on a single charge, but today’s smartphones are incredible battery hogs. Without a doubt, low battery life is one of the biggest problems faced by smartphone users. Due to their ultra-high detailed touch screens and plethora of sensors, smartphones of today barely last a day on moderate use. Smartphone users are always thinking about ways to increase the battery life of their smartphones. While it is not likely that smartphones will be able to provide the same battery life as a basic cellphone, but there are certain battery saving applications that can help improve the battery life. Here we list and discuss about the best battery saver app for Android 4.4 KitKat and 5.0 lollipop.

There are tens of thousands of battery saving apps on Google Play and DU Battery Saver is one such application which is available for free. DU Battery Saver is by far the best app in its category and it is heads and shoulders above the competition. DU Battery Saver not only offers all the features that a battery saving app could have, but also comes in a complete package with widgets and easy to use battery Saver App for Android 2015

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Best Battery Saver App for Android – Design and Basic Features

DU Battery Saver was designed by DU APPS STUDIO with only one goal in mind and that is to extend battery life of Android smartphones and tablets as much as possible. The app claims that it is capable of increasing the battery life of a smartphone by up to 70%, which is impressive. The installation process is extremely simple and once the app is launched, users get a persistent notification about basic information including time left on battery, percentage remaining and temperature. If the users don’t like the notification, they can also disable it.

DU Best Battery Saver App for Android Lollipop

Once on the main screen of the app, users just have to press the ‘optimize’ button to make DU Battery Saver work its charm and start saving battery. Once the app starts working, it scans the smartphone, identify all the potential battery-hogging apps and provide a list of them on the main screen. The main screen also provide basic Information about the smartphone’s battery, including voltage, charge level and temperature. On the main screen, the app also offers an intelligent estimate of remaining time until the battery runs out of juice. This estimate is based on the current settings of the app and the usage pattern of the user.

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Advanced and Premium Features

Users can set up multiple power profiles for different uses like gaming, web surfing, travelling etc. With correct settings of power profiles, user can conserve a lot of battery. Users can either apply these profiles manually or automatically at a given time. While the app is running, it also suggest different tweaks in the settings to improve the battery life.

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The application is available for free through Google Play and offers premium features through in-app purchases.Some of the premium features worth mentioning are Smart Mode, Automatic Scanning and Scheduler Power Profile. Good thing is that, these features can be unlocked through virtual coins, which can be earned by downloading apps recommended by DU Battery Saver. According to Google, the app is used by more than 50 million smartphone and tablet users. Overall, DU Battery Saver is an amazing app that actually does what it is meant to do and it is definitely worth a try.