5 Best Android VPN Apps of 2015 You Must Try

For mobile users, security might not seem to be one of the most primary requirements present in a Smartphone, but when it is a question of protecting your data traffic when you are logged on to a public WiFi hotspot or engaged in making online payments, the VPN app comes in very handy. The Android operating system is notorious when it comes to inviting unwanted elements that will make chicken soup out of your crucial data and your operating system. In order to prevent this from happening and of course to protect your sensitive data while browsing, users need some sort of bypass or a proxy or a VPN app on their Smartphone. In this article, we have summed up the 5 best Android VPN apps. Each app will have its own benefits and user limitations but there is always an app for somebody. So let’s get started.

List of Best Android VPN Apps for 2015 Free and Paid Versions

1. Hotspot Shield

hotspot vpn The most obvious choice out of all the VPN services will be Hotspot Shield. The application is compatible on a variety of platforms, and it allows users to use the same service on desktop and laptop computers as well as their mobile devices. Hotspot Shield comes in two versions; a free version, which is ad-supported, and a paid version for which will cost the user $29.95 a year. The app might not present a lot of configuration options for users, as it is more of a ‘plug n play’ app that only requires the user to tap on a couple of options and they will have a protected and secure connection. In terms of performance, Hotspot Shield delivers above satisfactory performance even though it has the propensity to frustrate users through its intermittent disconnections. However, in terms of service, it is regarded as a reliable way to protect your traffic data. Perhaps this is the reason why 175 million monthly users are using the application.

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2. SuperVPN

Best Android VPN apps supervpn Another best Android VPN app is SuperVPN. Similar to Hotspot Shield, SuperVPN also comes in two versions; a free and a paid version. There are several drawbacks of using the free version of SuperVPN. Starting off, the version free will only offer a trial period of 20 days. While this does not mean that the SuperVPN app will stop protecting your data traffic when you attempt to start using it again, after the trail period expires, every time the user fires up the application, they will have a time window of one hour before the service disconnects itself. After the service disconnects, the user can reconnect. No doubt this little hurdle hammers the overall experience but one advantage of having the free version of SuperVPN installed on your Android device is its browsing speed. While most Android VPN applications deliver sluggish performance when active, SuperVPN is favored thanks to its performance. If all it takes is a disconnection after a period of 60 minutes to provide a comfortable experience to browse and stream the internet, then the trade-off is worth it.

3. TunnelBear VPN

TunnelBear VPN TunnelBear VPN is one of those services that add performance and aesthetics in to one brilliantly designed application for the Android operating system. According to some critics; they have labeled TunnelBear as one of the most embellished apps they have ever come across. Coming to the types of services that the VPN offers; TunnelBear is no different than the remaining apps in this round-off and offers users two services; a free and a paid version. However, there is a catch. If the user exceeds their data traffic limit of 500 MBs (megabytes) in a one month, then they will be required to upgrade to the paid version of the app. Payment plans have been divided in to two categories; a monthly and a yearly plan. Users who opt for the monthly plan will be required to pay $4.99, while the yearly package will set them back by $49.99. In terms of pricing, TunnerBear happens to be the most expensive, but the adage ‘you get what you pay for’, is a common term for an expensive, yet reliable service. Since September 2014, TunnelBear has been updated for the Android platform. Several features have been added in to its latest update. For example, it is now even easier to tunnel around censored and blocked websites in order to improve your data protection. Protected connectivity can be initiated with a single tap of your Android device, and after the devices wake up from hibernation, it will auto-connect. All in all, TunnelBear VPN is a VPN service that will provide you with top notch data protection services as long as you have the money to pay for it.

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4. VPNBook VPN Service

VPNBook VPN Service best andoird vpn app VPNBook is the last VPN service is the round off. Critics have given a ‘thumbs up’ to the VPNBook VPN Service in terms of performance and other features. Even though there is no registration process required to start browsing the internet securely, VPNBook VPN Service features does not feature a friendly software installation process. In addition to the Android operating system, VPNBook VPN Service is also branched out to other operating systems, such as the iOS, Windows and Mac OS X. For newbies, VPNBook VPN Service has a fully functional website that will provide a ‘simple to understand’ tutorial on how to setup a fully working and secure connection. One advantage that VPNBook VPN Service offers is that it possesses no bandwidth limits. However, there is a high level of ambiguity when the encryption types of the service are involved. On VPNBook VPN Service’s website, it is stated that the service utilizes the AES-256 and AES-128 encryption types. Nevertheless, connectivity, browsing and video streaming is considered to be extremely impressive considering the fact that there are no bandwidth limits on this Android app.

5. PureVPN

PureVPN for Nexus 5 PureVPN is another application that has joined the ranks of being one of the best Android VPN applications for 2015. Compared to SuperVPN, PureVPN offers a 500 MB cap after which the user will be required to start adopting the payment plan of PureVPN. Users who have installed PureVPN will not be required to register themselves through their mobile devices, which is an extremely welcome feature for Android users. While PureVPN was initially launched for the iOS, it was able to branch its way out to the Android operating system. In terms of performance, Pure VPN does not disappoint at all. This makes it the perfect app for a taxing activity such as streaming high definition content in regions where video streaming capability through traditional means is limited or, not available at all.

Trouble lurks at every corner of the World Wide Web. Using these best Android VPN apps, your Android device (including Nexus 5/6 phone and Nexus 7/9 tablet) and will be less susceptible to bringing in unwanted material in to the operating system.