Apple iPhone 7 Rumored to be Cheaper than iPhone 6S, also Includes Improved Image and Video Stabilization

With just few days left for the launch of Apple iPhone 7, information is still being leaked about the new iPhone 7. This time, the leaked information gives us the pricing information of the new iPhone 7 and it looks like the upcoming Apple flagship smartphone will be cheaper than current generation iPhone 6S.

3 Models of iPhone 7?

iphone 7 pro

A Chinese website, which has a very strong background when it comes to leaking information about Apple products, has posted the pricing details of the new iPhone 7 in China and Hong Kong. According to the website, the upcoming iPhone 7 32GB model will be priced at 5,288 RMB in China and HK $5,588 in Hong Kong, same as the price of iPhone 6S 16GB. This rule applies on all variants of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus where Apple has doubled the storage for every model of iPhone 7 but the price for each one of them almost remains the same as iPhone 6S. The only difference in price is for the iPhone 7 256GB models which which will cost a bit more than the iPhone 6S 128GB models.

Price Comparision with iPhone 6s

iphone 7 price

It is pretty amazing to see the new pricing strategy of Apple and the new iPhone 7 will surely attract a lot of buyers. Killing the 16GB model iPhone can be due to many reasons but there is one reason that hold some weight. Apple is adding more and more features into iOS and so the size of the Apple mobile OS is increasing. Even now, users who buy the 16GB model only get just a little over 10GB of space. And then for every new update, they have to have at least 2-3GB of extra space to download it OTA.

Killing Feature! Image and Video Stabilization

Another reliable source from India who gave some accurate details before the past launches of Apple iPhone, has said that Apple is going to introduce a new Optical Image and Video stabilization feature in the upcoming iPhone 7 models. Apple previously provided this feature in the bigger iPhone Plus model but this time, Apple will provide Hardware based Image Stabilization in the new iPhone 7 models. This new feature will also bring some other cool features with it including post focus, wide shot mode, panorama picture mode etc.

image stab

While both the pricing information and new Image Stabilization technique look like real deals, we still can’t be a 100% sure that this information is correct till the launch of the iPhone 7 at the next week’s Apple event.