[4G Speed Test Inside] How Reliance Jio May Destroy Other ISPs in India

With claims that they can provide Rs. 50/GB, Reliance Jio has shaken the telecom industry in India. Reliance recently introduced its new Jio 4G services in India which offers the cheapest rates for 4G internet service. On top of that, they are also offering unlimited 4G internet at night. Basically, what Reliance Jio has done is that it has created such Jio tariff packages that caters the need of both internet and mobile users. With all these incredible offers, Reliance jio is going to give a tough time to various ISPs in India.


Reliance Jio 4G for everyone

One thing to note here is that there are 10 different Jio Tariffs which means that the company has researched a lot and has created plans that can meet almost everyone’s requirements. It doesn’t matter if you are a normal internet user or a person who remains online 24/7, Reliance jio plans offer enough bandwidth for everyone.

Now, if an internet user is getting both the mobile service and internet service in a single package, why would he/she opt for an ISP connection when a single plan from a company can meet his/her needs. This is seriously going to impact a lot of ISPs in India.

Cheapest 4G in India

As Reliance Jio claims that it is offering the cheapest rates per GB at Rs. 50/GB, it is already on its way to stealing a lot of customers of other ISPs and cellular companies. Few companies are saying that the 4G data rate advertised by Reliance is false advertising. This is somewhat true as the current price per GB of Jio plans is at least INR 66/GB for Jio Tariff 4999 plan. However, there are other factors into play as well. Jio calculated the Rs. 50/GB rate after adding the Wi-Fi hotspots access as well. In this regard, Jio is offering the cheapest 4G data service in India.


Unlimited 4G at Night

Another reason how Reliance can destroy other ISPs in India is by providing unlimited 4G data at night. Normally, when internet service provides limit your data, they do so because they don’t have the necessary bandwidth to handle large or unlimited flow of data. But this is not the case with Reliance Jio. Jio has already established a strong optical fibre network throughout the country that they can even handle 5G and 6G in future as well.

So basically, providing unlimited 4G at night when the 4G internet usage is minimum, they are not increasing their cost. They have already spent billions on their network structure and so providing unlimited 4G at night isn’t going to hurt them much.